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We are a wine distribution company with a modern, dynamic and progressive work ethic, committed to bring you selected wines from around the world.

  1. Our European wines blend together both tradition and modern techniques.
  2. From California to South Africa, we have the perfect wine for every taste.
  3. We aim to provide the best service to our partners and customers.

We love wine

We are passionate about wine. We constantly innovate and search for new products that can be interesting to our customers, exploring new and exciting regions from across the globe. Fascinating practices like biodynamic wines or artisan spirits are also in our radar.

Cohola Rose
lobetia rose

Our mission

Our mission is to discover the most fascinating wines from captivating and original terroirs around the world and introduce them to you. We strive to offer variety and value, and revive the excitement that comes from selecting and enjoying great beverages.

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