The Kiss Spumante Brut

Manufacturer: Art of Wine
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Pale straw yellow in colour, with delicate orchard and citrus fruit aromas. Well balanced with a fine mousse and notes of lemon zest and green apple, culminating in a fruity, crisp finish.

We recommend service at 8ÂșC. Works perfectly with shrimp and shellfish, stuffed mushrooms, fruit-based desserts such as tarts or crepes.

The Art of Wine series features iconic fine art images. Four square metres of glistening oil paint, combined with gold leaf, mosaic and Art Noveau pattern, this painting is bursting with opulence, love and lust. The composition presses down upon the couple, cropped just above their embrace. And yet we feel the picture is liberating and sensuous; below tendrils of vegetation cascade over the edge of a meadow cliff and the couple too, sink down.

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